Archive – 17th/24th March 2009


  • 14:52 Worst lede evar?
    The modern day pirate doesn’t sport a patch or walk with a limp… #
  • 14:53 …His weapon of choice is an unassuming pizza-sized satellite dish that can literally harpoon signals from space.
    *Literally??* Sigh. #
  • 16:27 For the squidheads – original sketch of Cthulhu by HP Lovecraft: #


  • 23:36 From my bro Daniel, voxpop radio quote re. terror suspect – “This guy’s a pathological, homoeopathic murderer…” #
  • 01:38 Pious ‘fight death the hardest’ – seems they’re not as keen as stated to meet their ‘maker’: #


  • 12:24 Rammstein versus sound of builders next doowr Rammstein wins. #
  • 12:25 …but my typing is Fail #
  • 18:59 I’m watching the Galactica-at-the-UN webcast. Geek enough re. both SF & universal human rights to dig it bigtime: #


  • 23:16 RT @SkyNews: Three-Eyed Dinosaur Lizard In New Zealand #
  • 23:16 RT @SkyNews: Three-Eyed Dinosaur Lizard In New #
  • 11:30 Daily Grail on neurotheology as throwing-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater: #
  • 12:58 Quote of the day post up on my blog: #
  • 19:56 #
  • 19:57 Last link was to – ‘evidence that the human brain lives “on the edge of chaos”, at a critical transition point between randomness and order’ #


  • 09:53 I am enjoying the fruits of a successful kit upgrade. Also, anyone who attempts to offer me BSG spoilers will be stabbed by my brain. #
  • 20:13 – Equinox fire, garden #
  • 22:16 #
  • 22:17 Last url… cows align themselves along direction of magnetic fields, power lines disrupt this pattern. This explains Milton Keynes… #


  • 13:23 Maurice ‘The Brain’ LaMarche inaugurates the first Talk Like William Shatner Day Yes We Khaaaaannnn! #


  • 11:42 Jade Goody referred to at funeral as ‘our Essex Princess’. Ugh. She’s Diana’d. The Patron Saint of ignorance and ego is born. #
  • 11:44 A Loa to be fed with bad lager, Sky+ & copies of the Daily Mail. Reality is so much less than real these days. #
  • 15:50 Website that prays for you. Only for People of the E-book… #
  • 15:50 RT @newscientist: Greenhouse gas emissions of large cities are far below those of rural areas #
  • 15:53 Saudi police arrest sorcerer. Between these guys & the witchcraft purges in Africa, I’m a little nervous. #
  • 16:02 Correction – Goody not yet planted. Bigass televised ceremony to come. Followed by deification, no doubt. #
  • 16:03 I may have to do what I did with Diana’s funeral – watch on TV with sound off, Evita soundtrack playing. Like Pink Floyd+Oz, plus irony #
  • 16:15 Bletchley Park bring blast from the past – Turing Bombe replica goes live tomorrow #
  • 16:22 Two words that you’d think shouldn’t go together but do – Laser Sundial #
  • 19:56 MP in trouble for shagging in the actual House of Commons. Nice – I only managed the floor of the Treasury Archive #
  • 23:01 Wikipedia removing all articles on modern Gnosticism? #


  • 23:36 Brain wave patterns can predict blunders. Now they tell me! #
  • 00:01 RT @wyldraven: Deletion canceled for Wikipedia article “Gnosticism in Modern Times” #
  • 10:20 RT @channel4news: ‘Terrorists sometimes operate in secret.’ Our man reads from Home Office’s new counter-terror strategy document. Who knew? #
  • 17:12 RT @guardiannews: Teenager paints 60ft penis on parents’ house. Penis. #
  • 17:53 RT @newscientist:Ada Lovelace day where would we be without women in technology and the world’s first programmer? #ald09 #
  • 17:58 RT @channel4news: Overheard in newsroom:”Jacqui Smith has gone to town on the ’secretary’ element of her job. She’s very secretarial.” #
  • 18:59 Another day, another Twitter client… Mauku for Maemo this time. OK so far. #

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