• 11:37 Michelle Forbes guest-starring makes everything better #aliasrewatch #
  • 11:45 @m1k3y Same ep has Joel Grey’s faux-Sloan, so all Win. (You must watch Forbes work for In Treatment sometime) #
  • 11:46 RT @Glinner Here’s a headline to chill the blood twitpic.com/3nhpdp #
  • 12:13 @vertigojones not seeing it – Grinder ethos inclusive, not based on wealth/privilege as much as usual h+? but open to hear alternative view #
  • 12:14 @agent139 not yet… Looking forward to it! #
  • 12:34 More Alias, more powerful red spheres. In Invisibles, Barbelith is a boon; in Alias, Rambaldi Sphere is a world-killer. JJ missed the point? #
  • 12:35 @m1k3y I also love her as Helena Cain in BSG. Well, just love her, really. #
  • 12:35 RT @themichaelcaine: I have just received the Commandeur De L’Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres in Paris #
  • 12:35 @themichaelcaine Congratulations, sir! #
  • 12:37 RT @BBCNews: Stolen iTunes accounts for sale bbc.in/dN6F7Y #
  • 13:48 RT @Spiraltwist Tiptoe or stomp with your boots, and leave electronic footprints wherever you go. Now is not the time for follow the leader. #
  • 13:49 RT @gordon_white RT @mrchrisaddison: Well done everyone. Another triumph for Good Government. Pricks. bit.ly/eZt1ob #
  • 14:27 RT @gordon_white Awesome! RT: @Londonist: Wooden structure 2000yrs older than Stonehenge found in Thames bit.ly/gA00uN #
  • 14:30 RT @DailyGrail Ass Reflexology Hoax Shames Integrative Medicine Conference goo.gl/fb/Tn4Rv (via @disinfo) #
  • 18:29 @vertigojones yeah, that sucks balls #
  • 18:46 RT @disinfo Catholic Church To Launch Exorcism Reality TV… goo.gl/fb/fvzli #news #catholicchurch #exorcisms #religion #
  • 18:54 RT @Wolven "Let’s talk about Consent": wolven.livejournal.com/1828258.html #
  • 19:33 Infographic: All 110 Batmobiles from 1948 to 2010 goo.gl/4FnG9 #
  • 19:35 Why Modern War FPS Games All Look the Same goo.gl/nYBOl #
  • 19:38 RT @jonsnowC4: there’s a terror alert at major transport hubs in london..mainline stations and airports..report coming up on c4news #
  • 19:47 "We’re somnambulists in a world of persistent dreams that are not necessarily our own" Jon Lebkowsky Jon Lebkowsky bit.ly/hndVXa #
  • 19:51 Schneier on Security: SMS of Death goo.gl/qyRgo (SMS hacked to crash phones) #
  • 19:52 @oldhat If you can get a sticker of a naked Moleskine… (I love those recursive gags) #
  • 19:53 @nekospecial I love FPS, pretty much only games I play; but yeah, we need some new ideas, or at least cool twists on the old. Duke Nukem FTW #
  • 19:54 RT @bruces: bit.ly/vicki_leekx * M.I.A. and her free Wikileaks-tribute mixtape. Oh Maya Arulpragasam, you coquettish vixen, you #
  • 19:58 @oldhat But think of all the people who’d fall into an infinite regress looking at it! #
  • 20:32 Lifehacker: Why the Mac App Store Sucks goo.gl/F6xxp #
  • 20:40 Whatever your gender, watch this: Girl:Exploded by Lauren Zuniga goo.gl/4LH2o #
  • 20:42 Hmm – after that ‘UK terror alert’ tweet from @channel4news earlier, not another word on the subject… anyone know otherwise? #
  • 20:46 Mysterious dead birds/fish etc – list of links to worldwide examples is.gd/kfFNe #
  • 20:46 @dodgyhoodoo curioser & curioser #
  • 20:47 @icelandbob Neurolinguistic Masturbation. #
  • 20:52 Why Is the Namesake of Charles and Ray Eames Building an Alternate Universe With Mini Monuments? goo.gl/y6DxR #
  • 21:10 @cole_tucker You sure it’s patchoulli not dope? #
  • 21:12 RT @kirstymhall: If you’re in Michigan, you can see one of my pin sculptures in this exhibition in Ann Arbour: bit.ly/eVXJp0 #
  • 21:15 @oldhat You & @kirstymhall both have a current sticker obsession. She scored some amazing ones from Korea. (Diary-stickers is a thing there) #
  • 21:16 @cole_tucker Just checking… #
  • 21:31 @AnneBillson Sounds like that meal was a Disaster Area… #
  • 22:36 @nysidra Noted, ta! #
  • 22:41 Women’s tears might actually reduce men’s testosterone goo.gl/j1CBV #speakforyourself #toomuchinformation #
  • 22:42 @cole_tucker Clairalience is nothing to be sniffed at! #
  • 22:45 Man Eaters From Outer Space Waterproof Vibrator goo.gl/2z55E Even I am amazed what some men will stick their dicks in. #
  • 22:46 @PennyRed Sadly, they overlap. #
  • 22:49 @oldhat *Snort* #comedyofrecognition #
  • 23:22 @kirstymhall Like, a submissive weeping at her Master’s feet after awful suffering, sobbing harder as she sees the lust in his cruel eyes? #
  • 23:26 RT @bleedingcool: Ridley Scott Headed To TV With New Show, Prophets Of Science Fiction bcool.bz/gjxWCU #
  • 00:01 @nysidra I assume she only lets you ride her if you beat her in fair combat? #
  • 08:49 Another day of waking up ill. Bored Now. #
  • 08:49 RT @SkyNews: Terror Fears: Extra Police At Transport Hubs bit.ly/eLGJgK #
  • 08:56 RT @lupabitch: THIS IS MEN’S YOGHURT AND YOU ARE A MAN. www.thedieline.com/blog/2011/1/6/mammoth-supply-co.html #
  • 08:57 @txtriffidranch About as likely as the Wachowskys apologising to @grantmorrison for the same, but dream on! #
  • 09:05 RT @andrenavarro: Saw nerdy kid today wearing shirt that read "Software" with a finger pointing up & "Hardware" with a finger pointing down #
  • 09:05 RT @andrenavarro: Goddamn, people must be lining up to have sex with that kid. #
  • 09:10 So, people are complaining to @Glinner for giving Inception spoilers, ‘cos he tweeted about the characters *being asleep* #headdesk #
  • 09:16 slacktivist: "Humorless prig" is redundant goo.gl/1rfKy (+1 for the term IndigNation) #
  • 09:18 Lovely. Ambient theremin music by Cihan Gulbudak goo.gl/I9Fdg via @warrenellis #
  • 09:33 Osborne talked tough on bankers but didn’t deliver bit.ly/fCgsc9 Banks reply? Anything under £5 billion was a “rounding error” #
  • 09:34 @AnneBillson You really think Parker couldn’t get it? For shame… #
  • 09:47 More excellence from @SecretSunBlog – The Year of Thinking Magically: Results goo.gl/YUTYb #
  • 09:47 "In order to deal with Magic you have to speak its language and deal with it on its terms, not yours." Yes. This. #
  • 09:49 Penny Arcade! – The Globfather, Part Three goo.gl/tVw5u #
  • 09:59 Interesting; on sex work activism & perceived privilege: ‘the invisible majority & the PC exclusion factor’ goo.gl/iyWyA #
  • 10:01 @AnneBillson No doubt. Did you see the Country&Western ep yet. There’s a scene where the script notes "This is Parker as God intended" #
  • 10:02 @AnneBillson Every business is, potentially, a grift. Basic to the game rules of capitalism. #
  • 10:29 Myths RETOLD: The Norse Can Never Have Enough Booze goo.gl/NhoGg #
  • 10:36 RT @jobsworth: Why Wasn’t I Consulted? The Fundamental Question of the Web bit.ly/gph9Om [thanks to @kevinmarks for the tip-off] #
  • 10:38 @gordon_white Like so many evo-psych pronouncements, very context-specific. #
  • 10:40 RT @AnneBillson: Me in The Guardian on AMER, gialli, stories & MacGuffins: bit.ly/gL12Mm #
  • 11:02 The Vanity Fair piece on Assange & The Guardian is worth a look goo.gl/1MQQ5 #
  • 11:09 @gordon_white Justification of status quo. Selling the "you can’t change human nature" lie. #

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