• 11:24 @kreibebe Ew. But, Rule 34 – someone somewhere wants a shorting-out sexbot with a flat cap on. #
  • 11:25 @mrvi A little brain calisthenics does the trick, don’t it? #
  • 11:28 @kreibebe It may be ‘cos I’m a soft Southern twat, but tops with northern accents never seem to have any gravitas to me. Especially male. #
  • 11:29 @kreibebe …or I just took you too seriously! Either way, Truth. #
  • 11:29 Mr. Mister #UnpopularMrMen #
  • 11:35 @kreibebe "Thy goin’ta be mah slot tonight, right enuff…" #
  • 11:36 @kreibebe I’m older, so it conjures up The Liver Birds, or Cilla. Instant wood-kill. #
  • 11:37 @kreibebe Weirder things have happened. (And don’t worry – I try to take people as seriously as I take myself, ie not much at all.) #
  • 11:56 Dear Baroness Warsi: We do need to tackle prejudice – not just for your preferred culture, but for all of us. That’s the POINT. #
  • 12:03 @0__0_ Why? Doesn’t affording rights to one group prejudice them above others less enobled? #
  • 12:04 @0__0_ …or is it just that you want your tribe set above others who also suffer 2nd class treatment (women, gays, non-monotheists)? #
  • 12:12 Bryan Singer to direct Bob Fosse biopic. bit.ly/gLzpZ9 **Jazz Hands** #
  • 12:14 @0__0_ The Tribe of the Strange bit.ly/9iWiwy bit.ly/UJD8R #
  • 12:17 Jo Yeates suspect arrested. Now, let’s see if the press can avoid convicting them before a trial. bbc.in/hK2oP8 #
  • 12:18 @jearle Oh how I loathe Constanteen… #
  • 12:25 "At their best, movies once offered us gnosis of a kind that the ancients could only dream of." Testify, @SecretSunBlog bit.ly/dJqoC1 #
  • 12:25 @kirstymhall It’s been more active since she went missing. #
  • 12:35 Secondhand Nightmares: 10 Horrifying Thrift Store Finds | Cracked.com goo.gl/qf4bD True Terror. #
  • 13:16 Today’s word is ‘Kayfabe’: From the Edge post on Cognitive Tools bit.ly/dVfuM4 #
  • 13:29 Also from Edge: Truth Is A Model bit.ly/efKmz0 #
  • 13:30 RT @neilhimself: Just read this Guardian article about the #savelibraries hashtag trending. Check it out, and RT it… bit.ly/ihlb6w #
  • 14:19 @Glinner Then who was Noah’s wife? #partyondude #
  • 16:09 @_Irene_Adler Heard that. By the way – Cox or Hopkins? #
  • 16:10 @oldhat It had that too, remember? #
  • 16:11 RT @MorrisonMoment: Zenith Phase 3 tumblr.com/xtb1b0m0et #
  • 16:12 @_Irene_Adler Of course. (More of a Cox man myself, but it wouldn’t do if we were all alike.) #
  • 16:22 Stand-Alone Complex, 2nd Gig. Yus. #
  • 17:37 RT @BoingBoing: Apple’s diabolical plan to screw your iPhone bit.ly/hSxS35 #
  • 17:42 @icelandbob Damn. Hope Sigga recovers fast & well. #
  • 18:05 RT @m1k3y RT @seanbonner: Can I claim citizenship of the Internet yet? This whole "countries" thing seems so dated. #
  • 19:00 @AnneBillson I bought a 10pm Toblerone for Halloween once… #
  • 19:56 RT @v_for_vienetta: Leave her alone. You had your chance. RT @Live_for_Films: David Tennant’s Doctor with Amy Pond bit.ly/gvEcLx #
  • 19:57 @v_for_vienetta My bunk. I will be in it. #
  • 19:57 @AnneBillson Heh. On the ten-pounder, each triangle was about 6 inches on a side… #
  • 19:58 @kekw Cool. Do me darndest to get there. #
  • 20:05 20th Century Flicks « Bristol Culture Pundit sings praises of the most excellent @20thCFlicks wp.me/pKNd9-1yA #
  • 21:15 RT @DavidForbes RT @timoreilly: A very bad sign. RT @jstogdill: American mercenaries metastasize? nyti.ms/gFJK7O #
  • 21:35 @AnneBillson Not even my gob is that big! #
  • 21:57 Gang members snort ashes they mistook for drugs goo.gl/qVhL7 (or they were Transmet readers) #
  • 22:00 Walcome tae the Scottish Pairlament wabsite is.gd/FIfytX They nae jokin. #
  • 22:07 @louddetective More like anti-tourettes on mine – it refuses to type rude words unless I really ducking try. Thanks, Steve Jobs! #
  • 22:08 RT @disinfo: U.S. Combat Troops Taking 6-Month Supply Of Psychotropic Drugs To Wars is.gd/mTCQeO …but not the useful ones. #
  • 22:10 @thesilverspiral I’m a longtime Apple user… and I completely agree. (JB for True Justice) #
  • 22:12 @agent139 Yeah, I use a heavy bag for that. Plus, tin ear! #
  • 22:13 @jzellis Fuck. Ing. Hell. #
  • 22:13 RT @jzellis: This is EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA AND GAMING ALL OF THE TIME. www.bogost.com/blog/cowclickification.shtml #
  • 22:20 @moonandserpent @oldhat My rule is, never get words inked that aren’t also a protection & curse in one yfrog.com/h354zaj #
  • 22:20 @louddetective It has an odd idea of what is a common word, too… #
  • 22:21 @moonandserpent @oldhat If illegible, reads HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE. Calligraphy by wife-the-shaman. #
  • 22:22 @brainsturbator My man @jzellis gets find credit there. #
  • 22:23 @jzellis Legba is always good to have by your shoulder! #
  • 22:25 @jzellis @oldhat @moonandserpent I’ll likely get Erzilie veve on my ass one day as I’ve been her bitch since my first spoken word… #
  • 22:25 @jzellis @moonandserpent @oldhat …which was Cunt. (Honest. I had an uncle with an odd sense of humour.) First word, & I named my God. #
  • 22:27 @oldhat Oh the fun you could have… even do up a wikipedia article to backstop the legend. Must be tempting sometimes. #
  • 22:27 @moonandserpent Would not suck one iota. #
  • 22:29 @moonandserpent YES. #
  • 22:30 @moonandserpent I did a lot of ‘chem in my 20s. Like a first love, your first big system… #
  • 22:30 @jzellis I prefer a dai-sho, but the principle is sound. #
  • 22:30 RT @jzellis: My stance is anti-gun, but pro-machete. ‘Cause you got to get in the motherfucker’s face to cut his ass down. #
  • 22:32 @jzellis A more elegant weapon, for a more civilized age. #
  • 22:32 @jzellis (Plus, unless you know how to smash it 90% of the tine you get a mangled hand.) #
  • 22:39 @jzellis I have a few around the place & a good knowledge of a point WtS made once to US Customs: anything’s a weapon if you try hard enough #
  • 22:39 @moonandserpent @jzellis Wives would hate it but if guns were as common here as there, I’d have some, plus do ample range time. #
  • 22:40 @sennydreadful Perfect time to read Hellblazer, or the Felix Castor books… #
  • 22:42 Jnanabot, a botnet that attacks Mac and Linux | @bruces goo.gl/rgbnq #
  • 22:42 @jzellis …but only if you take ’em off after a few hours, right? #
  • 22:45 @sennydreadful You know about the anime version, yes? #
  • 22:53 RT @BoingBoing: Can Jared Loughner help us get beyond good and evil? bit.ly/gx6LnG #
  • 22:59 @moonandserpent GOATBOOOOYYYYYYYY! #
  • 22:59 RT @BoingBoing: Deploying the British Granny Cloud to tutor poor Indian classrooms over Skype bit.ly/gm7lpp #
  • 23:10 Could J.J. Abrams’ new show be more bizarre than Lost? goo.gl/i24Vm Bring Back Rambaldi! #
  • 23:23 @fritzbogott Very nice. #
  • 23:40 Oh shit, Criminal Minds are doing a Santaria ep. If it’s half as bad as the Friedkin-directed CSI Voudon ep I will be miffed. Miffed, I say. #
  • 23:43 …but Garcia is wearing a pretty blue dress & looks scrummy, so… #criminalminds #
  • 23:46 @jzellis Thet’re insane here: 3-inch max street carry. A gentleman can’t even own a sword-cane. #
  • 23:46 @jzellis Wakizashi? Bowie? I’d make cases for both. #
  • 23:48 @jzellis More for shorter movement arm, better utility in CQB. Hiding pointy things is tricky between say 8" to 2′. #
  • 23:49 @jzellis I always carry a multitool… if I had my druthers, I’d have a Sykes-Fairburn on my belt. As is, a Gerber clutch & my swinging cod. #
  • 23:50 @jzellis I practiced that in Edinburgh back in the day. Hence wakazashi. #
  • 23:50 @jzellis All the reason anyone needs, right there. #
  • 23:54 @jzellis If he does, step in close before the swing… #
  • 23:57 Eleggua wanting live & human sacrifices? Get tae fuck. #criminalminds #religionfail #
  • 23:58 RT @DMCunningham: In 10 words or less, what is the best #MartialArts advice you’ve received? #MA10Words Please retweet. Thank you. #
  • 23:59 Hit soft parts with hand, hit hard parts with utensil. #MA10Words #
  • 00:01 @davensjournal Let you know at the end. The Eleggua bit is one strike. I’m giving them the inverted cross unless they say it’s part of rite. #
  • 00:02 Read Marc ‘Animal’ MacYoung’s "Professional’s Guide To Ending Violence Quickly". #MA10Words #
  • 00:02 RT @steveburnett: @catvincent Don’t quit. #MA10Words #
  • 00:02 @steveburnett (bows) #
  • 00:05 Ooh, gunpowder incence! Love that stuff. (Sadly, have none.) #criminalminds #
  • 00:09 "Unbaptized Palo Mayombe" ORLY? Odd mix with the healing, but right end of the spectrum, plausible… strike removed. #criminalminds #
  • 00:37 Yeah, that Criminal Minds Santaria ep did not actually suck. Seen far worse. #
  • 00:39 @davensjournal They didn’t treat Palo any worse, from what I know (not deep in the afro-syncretics, WtS danced in NoLa for Ghede once) #
  • 00:40 RT @davensjournal: @catvincent Props to them. #CriminalMinds @Vangsness @JoeMantegna (Especially the lovely, geeky splendor of @Vangsness ) #
  • 01:03 RT @davensjournal: RT @GeorgeTakei: Governor Bentley: tl.gd/89d7es Guess who won a Douchebag award? #
  • 01:06 @DMCunningham Thanks for saying it! #
  • 01:54 @nysidra Ta for that! Enjoyed it well enough, though could’ve used more Garcia. #
  • 02:09 @Spiraltwist Ooh, phlebologist! #
  • 09:35 RT @GrinderBot: grinding.be: Reminder: WE CAN SEND SHIT INTO SPACE bit.ly/ho8PA5 #
  • 09:42 RT @AnneBillson: When did actors stop doing their own dancing? Me going on about dancer stand-ins in The Guardian: bit.ly/hMlAnS #
  • 09:44 @AnneBillson Good point. I recall the Chicago credits making a point about all the leads doing their own dancing. #
  • 09:45 News agencies: Stop telling me Blair’s at the inquiry. Tell me when the cunt’s arrested. #
  • 09:58 Penny Arcade! – Imagine My Surprise goo.gl/92wp4 #
  • 10:18 @jearle No, I’m waiting for his Yukio Mishima seppuku moment. Avidly. #
  • 10:34 Off to the dentists for a polish. Hate that shit. Will reward self with the Hellblazer Wedding Issue. #

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