• 11:54 @agent139 I’m so there! #
  • 11:59 @agent139 Since that’s my neighbourhood, goes double. Best of luck to you all on finishing it with SAN above zero. #
  • 12:00 @agent139 Yup, that’s me. Other than blog, my online stuff is either there or rendingtheveil. Though full site coming soon. #
  • 12:01 @agent139 Yep, I’m caught up to that point. #
  • 12:06 Oh you are kidding me. Watching Hot Tub Time Machine for a laugh – first Cusack scene is covered in Barbelith imagery. #blankbadge #always #
  • 12:07 RT @kirstymhall: @catvincent Never underestimate the occult power of Bad Film! #
  • 12:07 @m1k3y I was por #
  • 12:08 @m1k3y oops! I was pretty much the guy who introduced Better Off Dead to UK fandom, so I’m predisposed! #
  • 12:16 Fuck yeah Crispin Glover. #
  • 12:18 @m1k3y "a chance to put his testicles over me…" #
  • 12:19 @melraemorgan #CrispinGlover surprise cameo in Hot Tub Time Machine #
  • 12:20 Sometimes I miss California. #hottubtimemachine #
  • 12:29 Seriously; "You should be invisible" is a line in #hottubtimemachine goddam #blankbadge #
  • 12:56 "…keeping Manimal on the air…" #hottubtimemachine #
  • 13:38 I think I need a word for the feeling I get when a really stupid film induces massive synchronicity… #hottubtimemachine #
  • 13:43 @AmeliaMangan That’ll do for now, thanks! #
  • 13:52 OK. Jonah Hex. I have no investment in the character, so can meet it as just a dumb flick. #
  • 14:17 GOB! #jonahhex #
  • 14:18 …and Malkovich is practicing 4th gen warfare… #jonahhex #
  • 15:18 So Jonah Hex is both shit, and really not my mythology. but, in particular, shit. Waste of some talented folk. Soundtrack was OK. #
  • 15:19 @DegenerateBoy I’ll take that tip, cheers. Like me some Lansdale. #
  • 15:33 RT @GrinderBot: grinding.be: bulletproof skin bit.ly/geXh89 #
  • 15:38 goddam router *kick* #
  • 16:37 @DegenerateBoy I can prove Wild Wild West is better film. It had Salma Hayek’s naked ass. Hex has nothing so lovely, spectacular or honest. #
  • 17:29 …and life is actually too short to watch The Expendables. 15 minutes in and I hate everyone in it. #
  • 18:10 RT @thewildhunt: The Witch and The Exorcist: Interview with Catholic exorcist re. paganism, newage etc bit.ly/ggC2cE #
  • 18:38 Drug-legalizing cop comes in first place in YouTube’s ‘Ask Obama’ contest goo.gl/P5ZOV Again. And again, watch them not ask it. #
  • 18:40 via @coilhouse – The Last Glass Eye Maker In Britain bit.ly/htEQ8D #
  • 18:42 Anthony Hopkins reveals the secret atheist message he put into The Rite goo.gl/JTe2u "Certainty is the enemy." #
  • 22:06 RT @bleedingcool: Star Trek Next Generation: A XXX Parody To Film This Weekend is.gd/x2EZYD …and they insist it’s in continuity… #
  • 22:24 RT @disinfo: The Organic Elite Surrenders to #Monsanto goo.gl/fb/sJabl #news #food #organicfarming #
  • 23:09 @moviegrrl It was this, then is.gd/rXXSue Didn’t completely suck, I thought. #
  • 23:16 RT @moonandserpent: [Anyone able to confirm?] RT @arabist: URGENT: Egypt has shut off the internet: arb.st/eHvQKy #
  • 10:09 RT @guardiannews: Climate change could spark UK rail revival, tourism boom bit.ly/gZJX4L #
  • 10:19 RT @Glinner: Malcolm Gladwell would love to comment on all that’s happening in The Middle East, but his fax machine is in the shop. #
  • 10:20 RT @Glinner RT @HuffingtonPost: #Egypt’s Internet blackout "unprecedented in Internet history" huff.to/gXfGjQ #
  • 10:36 SMBC’s History of Warfare bit.ly/eqYhNr #
  • 10:38 Amused that @channel4news thinks Mandela’s collapsed lung more newsworthy than Egypt’s collapsed country. #
  • 10:39 28th January 1939 – the Death of William Butler Yeats, by @JimBliss at On This Deity goo.gl/o2FwI #
  • 10:41 Top policeman has audacity to compare protesting with theft bit.ly/e2bVrj #
  • 10:59 At @SecretSunBlog ‘Son of the Suns: The Star Wars Symbol Cycle’ goo.gl/bwvMT #

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