• 11:33 SMBC: ‘object permanance’ bit.ly/i5pUjH #
  • 11:33 @McKelvie Someone had to ask – how’s your Willie? #
  • 11:34 RT @doctorow: Crooks order custom #3Dprinted #ATMskimmer from #imaterialize tinyurl.com/6b3a3dq #
  • 12:46 RT @guardiannews: Protests across the UK expected for Save Our Libraries Day gu.com/p/2mqv8/tf #
  • 12:48 @jzellis Concept album or anti-adolescent spellbook? #
  • 12:53 RT @Glinner: RT @WiredUK: Filesharers set out their demands in a ‘Digital Media Delivery Manifesto’: bit.ly/g29b2t by @duncangeere #
  • 14:09 RT @fragmad: When Hari Kunzru met Michael Moorcock gu.com/p/2mp4x/tw via @guardian #
  • 14:22 @KazanianBooks This may be of interest – Warren Ellis coming to Berlin for futurism conference bit.ly/fo0T5a #
  • 14:23 RT @McKelvie: Modesty Blaise piece: www.flickr.com/photos/mckitten/5415912938/ #
  • 14:24 Dr. Seuss does Star Wars
    goo.gl/8V45Y #
  • 14:37 Malawi to ban public farting bit.ly/hpDLf3 #
  • 14:53 RT @bleedingcool: Corsets Of The DC Universe bcool.bz/fK9rGn (Really Shit Corsets of the DCU, shurely?) #
  • 14:57 SMBC co-opted by National Org for Marriage, so Zach co-opts ’em right back. bit.ly/fg6p2o #
  • 15:03 When art terrifies cowards…
    bit.ly/hJFdrl #
  • 15:16 RT @DavidForbes: ?! MT @fivethirtyeight: Al Jazeera reporting that the army just detained/arrested group of pro-Mubarak demonstrators #Egypt #
  • 15:26 Watching Brit horror Mindflesh. Naked woman with pretty breasts 20 seconds in. Good start. #
  • 16:41 Mindflesh – Naked Lunch meets The Filth in the back of a London cab. Clever use of low budget. Especial note of Carole Derrien as Goddess. #
  • 16:42 Mindflesh must also be commended for having a major character who is a woman artist & not actually insane. #
  • 18:01 RT @xenijardin: Best O’Reilly book cover spoof ever of all time: "LSD in a Sugarcube." tinyurl.com/4byhu27 #
  • 18:19 @oldhat Hate to break it to you but there probably won’t be much punk either… #
  • 18:22 Great piece by @AnneBillson on how the Western slipped into other genres bit.ly/hJcYRs #
  • 18:25 Via @Glinner & @omewan: Gladwell pontificates about Egypt & comms. Never met a straw man he didn’t like. bit.ly/gDghkU #
  • 18:59 @oldhat I hope Sid the God of Punk hears your plea! #
  • 19:01 @fragmad Haven’t been, appreciate the link! #
  • 19:04 @_Irene_Adler Of course, increasingly, the person you’re on hold with may well be in prison… #
  • 19:15 Walking Dead reviewed as "like sponge bathing a family member on their death bed only, you know, a TV show". Ooh, burn. #
  • 19:16 That was, of course, at AV Club bit.ly/gJAFjA #
  • 19:33 @highway_hermit I thought the pilot was splendid, later eps had good bits but overall did not convince. #
  • 19:47 ROBOT COP scatters LIVE GRENADES in San Francisco STREET • The Register j.mp/fJmo8a #
  • 20:11 This evening’s viewing will be the Brit thriller Exam. Already chased with synchronicity before I watch it… #
  • 21:50 @moonandserpent M1k3y mentioned it just as I got in the door with a rented copy! It’s been on my list for a while, clearly this is the week. #
  • 21:54 RT @EFF: UK copyright troll completely shuts down business eff.org/r.x8E #
  • 21:58 RT @andrenavarro: New PITCH BLACK strip: "Force of Habit". pitchblack.thecomicseries.com/comics/159 #
  • 22:20 Enjoyed Exam greatly. Clever, slick, nicely done. Worth coming to with minimal spoilers, so I say no more. #
  • 22:21 @agent139 That makes the assumption that "mind" is something separate from "body" – bit Cartesian, yes? #
  • 22:22 @agent139 …though of course I’m happy to work on the actual experimental protocol. #
  • 22:46 @andrenavarro Liked this one a lot. You’re developing the mad skills, mate. #
  • 23:03 Mythos, logos, the Bible, and abortion – A Pagan’s Blog goo.gl/owXal Well put. #
  • 23:06 Scary Sextoy Friday shows that state-of-the-art in Sexbots… isn’t great. goo.gl/YP83N #
  • 23:08 Willaim Hague says UK is under cyber-attack. EVERYBODY REFUSE TO PANIC goo.gl/S1H4c #
  • 23:12 IO9: Are we witnessing the death spiral of the Hollywood blockbuster? goo.gl/xgmFq #
  • 23:17 WikiLeaks has created a new media landscape | @cshirky in The Guardian goo.gl/rv4XE #
  • 23:32 Frustrated Fox is Frustrated youtu.be/7LduDVpjpdA #
  • 00:11 @agent139 We all talk like that round here… well, not the Teenager so much. I never metanarrative I didn’t like! #
  • 00:28 RT @bleedingcool: Jeff Bridges To Play Exorcist-Cum-Ghostbuster is.gd/jj5VtD Seems not to be about using cum to exorcise/bust ghosts #
  • 00:29 …which would of course work under the right circumstances. As it were. #
  • 00:40 Full English Breakfast in a can | Taste Test | The A.V. Club goo.gl/L1x3M #
  • 00:41 RT @fragmad RT @lucida_console: U.S. Foreign Policy in four words: "The Spice Must Flow." #
  • 01:44 Priest’s Confession Of Sexual Indiscretion During Exorcism goo.gl/hGbLn Almost makes me want to go back in the field just to show ’em #
  • 01:45 …the first rule of exorcism is YOU DON’T HARM THE POSSESSED PERSON. You sure as shit don’t fuck ’em. Fuckers like that make me angry. #
  • 01:47 @jzellis It sure is, but it is considered uncouth to involved the possessed in such an arrangement. Also impolitic in the field. Also – ew. #
  • 01:52 @jzellis Why do you think I quit? #
  • 01:58 Oh look, Spotify has the Daft Punk Tron soundtrack. (Still not heard it all, or even seen film.) GIve it some ear. #
  • 02:00 RT @bruces: www.slate.com/id/2283469/pagenum/all/#p2 *Neal Stephenson’s Ottoman Empire of the 21st Century #
  • 02:07 @jaymgates You could restore true honour and real humour to the deprived colonials… #
  • 02:08 @jaymgates Nah. You’ll be well-prepared should you come over. #
  • 02:14 @jaymgates You knew the job was tough when you volunteered. You can best these poor rabble, I am sure, with your wit alone. #
  • 02:15 @jaymgates Start by requsitioning some Father Ted from Stores. THat’s a good warm-up. #
  • 02:32 @DailyGrail It’s lovely so far – the orchestral side blends in very well. Quality listening for soundtrack fan! #
  • 02:47 @jaymgates Nonetheless, you took the King’s Shilling. #
  • 03:00 Loved Tron Legacy score. Daft Punk did a fine job. Next up to my ears – Daemonia Nymphe. #
  • 03:02 RT @BBCNews: Multiculturalism has failed – PM is.gd/z3EZXM Hmm… #
  • 03:21 Really liking Daemonia Nymphe – old Greek ritual hymns by the likes of Sappho, done as folkgoth on ancient instruments is.gd/rRKYnv #
  • 03:30 Yeah, I guess I should turn down the Greek bagpipes at half 3 in the morning… #
  • 03:46 @highway_hermit It’s unafraid to go epic. #
  • 03:47 @oldhat Artist Babes, always a special something. #
  • 03:48 Sleep calls, serenaded by pan pipes… #
  • 09:40 @AmeliaMangan Kyle screaming ‘How’s Annie’ shouted at orgasm would have clinched that for me… #
  • 09:41 @davensjournal In Scotland, it’s called ‘dressing’ your pet… presumably in the butchering rather than clothing sense. #
  • 09:42 @icelandbob Only 2 – you must be slipping. (Glad you got home safe, buddy.) #
  • 09:52 RT @oldhat: Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris youtu.be/hWTFG3J1CP8 #
  • 10:13 @AmeliaMangan Bwa-ha-ha… #

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