• 11:55 SMBC – "the Internet is for…" bit.ly/h106Q7 #
  • 11:58 @KurtJHanson Actually it’s fine. Really. Cartoon, no nudity or even swearing. #
  • 12:04 @gordon_white Their kink is not our kink. #
  • 12:46 RT @BoingBoing: Googlebombers turn "Abortion" into second result for "Murder" bit.ly/hNjClj #
  • 14:06 @gordon_white I’m a Kinsey 2 at best, and yet I get that. But Zelda?? #
  • 14:07 @DailyGrail He’s even getting pimped in the new Fortean Times… extract from the book (same dream stuff as elsewhere) #
  • 14:44 @kirstymhall Yay you! *** #
  • 14:48 @kirstymhall Smart Lady! #
  • 17:26 @KaliBlack Wife’s cat Chiana approves! #
  • 18:02 RT @MorrisonMoment: Photo: “This Is The Shape of Spacetime” – Animal Man #24… tumblr.com/xtb1lyr1ee #
  • 18:32 @vertigojones …and both attract ants? #
  • 21:50 RT @MorrisonMoment: Photo: Cute! is.gd/75xArH (7 Adorable Soldiers of Victory!) #
  • 22:10 RT @DavidForbes RT @acumenfund Engineers without Borders launches Admitting Failure, platform for learning from mistakes ow.ly/42WSe #
  • 22:11 @DavidForbes I LOVE that admittingfailure idea. Reminds me of the (few) peer-reviewed journals of negative results. #
  • 22:13 @jzellis @DavidForbes I taught self-defence to women. Hardest part is getting them to hit first time. Second time is always a haymaker. #
  • 22:18 @jzellis @oldhat @DavidForbes aka Kongo, under which name it was preferred hand-to-hand weapon of Modesty Blaise. #
  • 22:19 @jzellis @oldhat @DavidForbes Whatever the blow is – women have deep conditioning not to hit men. Men, sadly, do not. But once overcome… #
  • 22:20 @oldhat @jzellis @DavidForbes Three-person team is about right. Two OK in a pinch. Even better if Principal can handle themselves, though! #
  • 22:20 @oldhat *snorfl* for Truth #
  • 22:33 Female bonobos use sex cries to signify social status
    goo.gl/RTURN #
  • 23:19 That was the worst ep of #bigbangtheory ever. #
  • 23:41 RT @neilhimself: The kind of article about the nature of SF and "realism" that makes you think. It’s by @tedgioia at bit.ly/hUJfn4 #
  • 23:42 @neilhimself @tedgipia Great piece. For me the problem always is ‘realism’-based litfic doesn’t map my experience of reality as well as SF&F #
  • 23:45 RT @McKelvie: "the ethical equivalent of rimming Voldemort" – Charlie Brooker on Tony Blair air kissing Gaddafi in 2007. #
  • 23:46 @McKelvie @charltonbrooker Which one’s Voldemort in this scenario? #
  • 23:55 On advice of @Wolven I am listening to the pAper chAse – very impressed so far. Great combo of old-fashioned dark songs & good sampling. #
  • 00:01 Have decided The Paper Chase are what Arcade Fire should want to be when/if they grow up. #
  • 00:55 Just placed pre-order for Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition. Yes. #
  • 01:16 @Wolven Call me a convert! Just right for my mood, which tells you something about my mood. #
  • 01:16 But now it’s sleeptime. Bagpuss gave a big yawn… #
  • 10:57 RT @kekw: Pope charged with crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court. About time. bit.ly/eiFfUW via @23narchy #
  • 10:59 RT @agent139: bit.ly/fnuqxd "I mean. It’s not a dealbreaker. But you’ve gotta cover that shit up." (Really NSFW) #
  • 10:59 @agent139 Nope, that one’s a deal-breaker. #
  • 11:00 @agent139 (Also, too damn skinny.) #
  • 11:13 RT @m1k3y: THIS x1000 RT @skry: (Must read) An Open Letter To The World from Anonymous: is.gd/kiBnYI #
  • 11:18 @AnneBillson I snarl at total absence of modern SF on that list. Something more recent than Dick, please! #
  • 11:33 @AnneBillson Though I am encouraged to hear of Wolfgang Peterson doing Old Man’s War by @scalzi – could be splendid. #
  • 11:38 26th February 1994 – the Death of Bill Hicks | Dorian Cope presents On This Deity
    goo.gl/OGu0L (Pour one out for the Loa of comedy) #
  • 11:40 SMBC ‘how to infuriate a math major’ bit.ly/eRYhs7 #
  • 11:41 .@bruces Dead Media Beat: death of American music industry
    goo.gl/y7fea #

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